Funeral Services

Planning the details of a funeral service is a difficult task in a time of crisis. Beginning at the moment we receive notification of a person’s death, our professional staff will begin to assist your family with the many details of planning a funeral. We’ll take responsibility for the care of your loved one. A funeral director will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss your wishes, assure compliance with the law, provide assistance with floral selection and help coordinate the time and place of the funeral service.

Keep in mind...

We offer a wide selection of caskets, urns, vaults, grave markers and keepsake selections. Whether you choose burial or cremation for your arrangements, our caring and knowledgeable staff will be able to accommodate your needs for a personalized and unique service.

Traditional Burial

A traditional burial has several options for caskets and grave markers. Our staff and facilities are available to your family to help coordinate the details of the service with the clergy, the cemetery, or other participants in the ceremony. Our caring staff will also aid your family in completing any necessary paperwork including obituary notices, Social Security forms, and Veteran’s and insurance benefits.

A Funeral Service refers to an end of life ceremony where the body of the deceased is present, whether or not the casket is to be opened or closed. This type of service can take place prior to either burial or cremation and can occur in our funeral home, a church or any venue the family desires and is appropriate.

A funeral service is often preceded by a visitation. This is the time that allows friends and family an opportunity to pay their respects and spend time with family of one who has passed away. It also gives families an opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one by showing and celebrating that person's life.

Choosing a service that allows for a viewing is very important to some, because people have the need for finality to say goodbye. Two of the five stages of grief are denial and acceptance, and to see someone who has died greatly assists in the passing through these stages.

Some people who are preplanning their own funeral wrongly assume that they are making it easier for their family by requesting no viewing of their remains. Sadly, they are actually making it harder for their family. Allowing their body to be present is actually the last meaningful gift that they can give to their loved ones. Their soul may have departed but their earthly body will help those who remain to accept the loss and begin their journey through the natural grief process towards emotional healing. Always remember... if someone you love passes away you cannot avoid grief. Instead you should reach out to others who can help you navigate this difficult time so that you can honor their life, accept the loss and begin emotional healing.





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