Cremation Services

Choosing cremation does not place limits on the type of service available for your loved one. Some people who choose cremation still have a desire to have their loved one’s body present for the service, while others prefer having a memorial service where the viewing option is not available. As with all services, the tone can be formal or contemporary. We will help you decide how to best pay tribute to your loved one.

If cremation has been chosen, the decision has to be made on what to do with the ashes (cremated remains).

For many people having a permanent placement for their loved one’s ashes is very important.

It gives family and friends a physical place for visitation and reflection.

The ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or cremation burial garden provides family and friends closure after their loss.

A permanent placement offers a place for future generations to connect with their ancestors.

When ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years.

If you place value on any of the above statements, please contact us for information on what we offer.

Some families opt to scatter the ashes in a special place. This can also provide a ceremonial closure, and can involve the participation of family and friends. If this method of disposition seems right for you, take great care in choosing a location, both for emotional and legal issues. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the scattering of cremations.

Keeping a loved one’s ashes at home is done either temporarily (while taking time to decide on a burial or scattering location) or as permanent choice. Some may find comfort in the constant presence this affords, while others may be quite uncomfortable with this constant reminder.

We are available to assist anyway you need in making these very important decisions, and to make you aware of the requirements for cremation. We will make sure the proper person(s) are available to authorize the cremation, and review all of the documents and procedures necessary to carry out your wishes. We also will ask someone from the family to view their loved one in order to insure positive identification. This will take place in a serene setting with the deceased covered with a quilt. This is also a time when close family members have the opportunity to say goodbye, in what is often a better environment than where the person passed away. Your loved one will remain in our care until the time comes when we take them to the crematory, and then again when we bring their cremated remains back to the funeral home. We go to these lengths to give you assurance that the ashes you receive are only those of you loved one, and that they were treated with the utmost care and respect. We will gladly answer any questions you have conferring cremation and our practices.





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